Reasons Why Shippers Should Use a Freight Broker

A very common question for all types of shippers, big or small, is whether they should hire a freight broker to help them satisfy their logistics needs. Most of the times they should, but it all depends on the shipper.

A freight broker works directly with motor carriers and shippers to expedite shipments. Although they charge a small fee for their services, a freight broker brings a lot of value to the freight shipping market.

Reasons Why Shippers Should Use a Freight Broker

Customer service

We take this one very seriously, that’s why it’s at the top. A freight broker’s job is too make things easier for both the shipper and the motor carrier. We value their time and that’s why we strive to deliver a high quality service, promptly and efficiently. By taking the time to listen to our customers, we get to understand their issues, and effectively help solve them.

Save money

A freight broker is responsible for finding the best trucking options at the lowest cost possible. Because of this, we rely on up-to-date technology, to provide us with the best platforms that connect us with an extremely large database of motor carriers, giving us a variety of options to work with. We negotiate with them to work out an agreement that makes the shipper, and the carrier, both very happy.

Carrier checks

At a minimum, the best freight brokers check to see the carriers they are running with are legal and safe every day by checking their operating authority and insurance policies. With today’s technology, many freight brokers are tapped into providers that tap into their records every hour.

Freight brokers are in the logistics business every day buying and selling freight capacity. This hands on knowledge keeps us aware of the overall factors driving capacity and price, both now and into the future.