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SwifTrac Logistics provides service within and across all national borders and using all modes of transportation. Air freight forwarding and ocean freight forwarding services are provided by our team for all types of international shipments.

When considering the choice between air and ocean freight forwarding, the top three factors to consider are generally reliability, speed and cost. Whether you ship via ocean or via air, each mode requires some level of expertise to understand how these factors will be impacted. Each one of these factors have a different set of rules, regulations and best-practices.

No matter which mode you ship, customs regulations, duties and fees will come into play on all international imports or exports. Working with a reliable freight forwarder that has in-house customs broker solutions will go a long way towards ensuring your shipment receives expedited customs clearance and that your import/export fees are minimized.

If you need help with air freight forwarding, ocean freight forwarding, imports/exports, or global trade compliance, work with SwifTrac Logistics and enjoy the benefits of having an award-winning supply chain partner on your side.

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SwifTrac Logistics is a one-stop multi-service logistics provider. We can handle everything from last minute shipments, to all of your shipping needs. From small packages, to oversized freight. Contact one of our specialized agents today for a rate quote or consultation!

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