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Reefer trailers are used in the transport of goods that are temperature-sensitive and/or perishable. This includes fresh products, plants, pharmaceuticals, personal care products, seafood, dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, and more. Due to the nature and sensitivity of these products, a refrigerated trailer is better equipped to protect against spoilage, damage, and varying weather changes.

SwifTrac Logistics can help shippers source available capacity for temperature controlled shipping across all modes – FTL, LTL, and/or Rail. With tighter capacity during produce season and fewer carriers who operate temperature-controlled shipping fleets, working with a 3PL logistics provider for refrigerated (reefer) shipping can prove essential.

As experts in food logistics, our carrier network includes temperature controlled vehicles and food-grade equipment. We are also experts in FMCSA regulations and temperature monitoring protocols, which means we can help ensure compliance during all points of transport.

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